Super Speed 1080p USB 3.0 to VGA Male Cable

Model No:YT-UV02

Model No:YT-UV02

Product Description:
This cable Convert a laptop or computer signal into a VGA signal output to the monitor via USB interface, which used for screen expansion and screen display, and use USB connection without extra power supply. One cable connection, simple and convenient.

1.High Speed USB3.0 Interface, VGA output resolution max up to1920*1080@60HZ.
2.For USB2.0 host, VGA output resolution max up to 800*600.
3.Max working current 300MA. Transmission speed 5.0 Gpbs.
4.Support WIN XP-WIN 10,WIN 10 Driver free.
5.One cable connection design, No external power adapter required, support Hot-Plug.

This product is attached with the driver and needs to be installed. Please back up the important files in your computer before installing the driver, problems such as blue screen or inability to boot can be caused during the process of install the driver. If blue screen: enter computer security mode to unload the driver and then install; If unable to boot: Restart the system.

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