PL2303 chipset USB to TTL Serial Cable – Debugger for Dev Board

PL2303 chipset USB TTL Serial Cable

Model No: YT-PLTTL01

Product Description:
This Utech USB to TTL Serial Cable provides the easiest way to connect your microcontroller, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, WiFi router or even a hard disk. It often is used as serial port communication so that can help you debugging your equipment and upgrade.


This 1 meter long(or customized length) USB-TTL Serial converter cable is the easiest way to connect serial TTL devices to PC using a USB connector. The cable has a total of 4 wires out and can also be used to supply 5V, 500mA power from USB port to your circuits and devices. PL2303 chipset inside the USB housing supports various standard baud rates and can be used with Windows-based systems with driver support for Win XP, 7,8,10. Also, supports GNU/Linux systems.

  • RED Wire-Power 5V, 500mA
  • BLACK Wire-Ground
  • WHITE Wire-RX
  • GREEN Wire-TX

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Product Features:

1)Connector: USB 2.0 type A male TTL 4pin pin header separate.
2)Pin assignment:
3)Chipset: PL2303
4)Cable Gauge:26 AWG
5)Converter:5 V / 15 mA (VCC, GND)
6)Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B, B+/2