20 Meters USB 2.0 Active Extension Repeater Cable A Male to A Female

Model No:YT-UR01-20M

20 Meters USB 2.0 Active Extension Repeater Cable A Male to A Female, Model No:YT-UR01-20M

Product Features:

1.Standard USB Type A male to type A female(Type A Male to Type B Male) connectors.

2.Connect any USB 2.0/1.1 device with no performance compromises.

3.USB2.0 Certified for High Speed Data Transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps.

4.Provides up to 250mA of power to the connected device.

5.Built-in signal amplification chipset to maintain Hi-Speed USB signal quality, electrical / timing specifications and signal / data integrity over long distance.

6.The Cable features premium shielding and a built in amplification chipset that provides protection against interference from electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals thus enabling higher performance.

7.Premium double shielding minimizes signal interference.

8.Shares available USB power between cable itself and attached device.

9.Connect remote USB devices such as printers, speakers, scanners, displays, keyboards, USB displays, game console controllers etc to your computer.

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